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“The fundamental cause of our distress. . .is our very mental habits themselves.  In an everyday sense, karma—the law of cause and effect—stems from what a Tibetan text refers to as ‘solidified patterns of grasping and fixation.’  These solidified patterns, or mental habits, are also known as ‘emotional and cognitive obscurations,’ the tendency of the mind to repeat patterns of thought and feeling over and over.

“The more often we repeat a mental pattern, the more likely it becomes in the future; in this sense these mental patterns are the seeds of our karma.  The path to liberation, to transcending our karma, then, begins with freeing ourselves from the most well-trodden paths—the deepest ruts—of our mind.”  Tara Bennett – Goleman, Emotional Alchemy

We need to eliminate obsessions, because even good thoughts, if taken to extremes, do not serve us.  If we repeat the same idea over and over, Tara says…

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Fish Pie (Aunt’s Recipe)

Fish Pie Aunt’s recipe

Four rashes bacon cut into quarters

Use both smoked haddock and salmon cut into bite size pieces

Milk butter flour and cheese

Plain crisps

Cut up some bacon fry but not to crispy

Cut fish into bite size pieces cook gently for ten minutes poach

Use milk for cheese sauce

Cover fish and bacon in cheese sauce and cooked potatoes

Cook potatoes separate and combine all heat through in oven cover with grated cheese and plain crisps for extra bite put crisps on once out oven

Also make sure potatoes are in small quarters before covering everything in cheese sauce

Cook for 25 mins in oven till golden and everything thoroughly cooked

My Italy in 10 days, Rome days 3 and 4


On my 3 rd day in Rome I woke up feeling amazing and so eager to walk around Rome again. I decided I would do it at a relaxed pace as the only museum I was planning to see was the Capitoline (about which I will write about in a dedicated post). Rome is so enchanting and has such a positive vibe, that I wanted to stay outdoors as much as possible and select the places I would see in more detail on my next trip to Italy (Yes, by now I had decided to visit Italy again, repeat some places such as Venice and Rome, and add new ones. But let’s leave that for September, when I will go there again. So, if you are planning a one time only visit, if you like museums, monuments, history, architecture, bohemian vibe, you should visit the following:

  • Colosseum – inside
  • Pantheon…

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